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Rubinoos / Radio Days split 7" - available again on March 28


Available again on Mary 22nd! We have a very few copies left but we can't find the covers so we're waiting for the new ones to replace them! All the orders including this record will be mailed asap after this date!!!

International power pop rumble!!! The legendary RUBINOOS and their italian disciples RADIO DAYS on the same piece of wax!


A1: Rubinoos - Days "She's Driving Me Crazy" (Raio Days cover)
A2: Rubinoos - "All It Takes" (unreleased original)

B1: Radio Days - "Hurts Too Much" (Rubinoos cover)
B2: Radio Days - "Let's Move On" (unreleased original)

Limited edition of 300 copies including 100 on coloured wax!
Preorder now and get the chance to win a signed testpress copy of the record!!!