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Gooch Palms "Introverted Extroverts" LP (import)!!!


Second album from The Gooch Palms on vinyl!
"[Introverted Extroverts] is pop genius at it's best – simple, direct and fun. Beautiful arrangements belie the budget rock approach that drives Gooch Palms. Leroy Macqueen's vocals are as rich and thundering as ever but Kat Friend matches him line for line on rippers like 'Eat Up Ya Beans' and 'Trackside Daze'. The duo belt out pop gems about the gulf between their public and private selves. Introverted Extroverts is inspirational fuel for those feeling unsure of themselves – these two have (again) turned their doubt and shyness outward to create a call-to-arms those feeling like they don't fit in.
Whether you're in need of a cracking punk record to fire up a party or a sad pop record to put on in your bedroom Gooch Palms have you covered."

Comes with a FREE digital download!