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Isaac Rother & The Pahntoms "Five Hits From Hell" LP!

11.99 / Sold Out

Isaac Rother & The Phantoms are back with an explosive new EP Five Hits From Hell! The self described most ghoulish band in Rock'n'Roll have unleashed five blistering tracks that elude to the glory of Little Richard, Elvis and Dick Dale yet feel as vital as the air you breath. The EP tittle pays subtle tribute to The Misfits 1981 EP 3 Hits From Hell and will be surefire addition to any record collection with an appreciation for horror, oldies, garage, punk, RnB or rock n roll. Released by Italy's finest Surfin Ki Records, Five Hits From Hell comes as a collectable silk screened 12” record that will leave you screaming for more!

The 1st press of the record is limited to 300 copies on clear crystal wax!