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NEW! TRAMP "Bleed/She's Fast" 7"


“Viki Venom and Suzi Sleeze are erected from the bowels of Sleaze City NH… and maybe the forgotten slutty spawn of GG Allin and his Cedar Street Sluts. These two floozies got together after their deadbeat junky boyfriends stole their cash from turnin tricks all night but stupidly left their instruments behind. Behold! Two new moist tracks to get you favorite lube and tissues out to listen to. You’ll be real glad you did."

1st prss limited to 300 copies including 200 on black and 100 on red! PLUS, 20 handnumbered testpress copies - only 7 of them available here!

10/22€ INTERNATIONAL FLAT RATE SHIPPING - you only pay for the shipping of the biggest/heaviest item! Order as much as you want with no extra shipping costs! Click here for all the details!