5.99 - 31.99

We're selling some kick ass stuff to help our friends Jonny Cat & Tina during these tough times - all the money goes to them directly through THIS GOFUNDME PAGE!

Cyclops "Eyebal / Eye Has Spoken" one sided 7" (clear blue vinyl)
Cyclops "Escape From Cyclops Island" 10" (clear yellow vinyl)
Tina & The Total Babes "She's So Tuff" 20th annyversary reissue LP (blue vinyl)

3 RECORDS BUNDLE: all of them for 31.99€ instead of 35!

Each title is also available by itself (Cyclops 7" & 10" on black vinyl, Tina & The Total Babes LP on red)!

10/22€ INTERNATIONAL FLAT RATE SHIPPING - you only pay for the shipping of the biggest/heaviest item! Order as much as you want with no extra shipping costs! Click here for all the details!