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The Hextalls - Get Smashed LP


For the 1st time on vinyl! Seventeen (not yet, but soon to be) pop punk classics in the vein of Panic At The Disco, Paramore, Lady Gaga, Dear Landlord, and whoever else is relevant (moves units) these days. Just kidding! Hextalls sound like the Ramones, but not as good! Do they have songs about videogames? Check! Do they namedrop characters from the Pop Punk Message Board? Check! Autotuning up there with the Copyrights? Check! How can you go wrong?!

I'm a recluse
My dad vs shania twain
I met her at the ropetow
I don't wanna be a new York ranger
The final countdown 2
Mid record power ballad
My Xbox got the red ring of death

I'm an alcoholic
Diaper change
We're the castle crashes
Bryan Adams
Tina turner
Mark Wilson
I'm hiding your car keys in the garbage

1st run limited to 400 copies, 100 on black wax, 100 on clear yellow, 100 on clear orange and 100 on clear red.