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The Hextalls - Rock You To Sleep LP


This is a new Hextalls album fresh off the presses for 2012! You'll be tapping your toes and raising your middle fingers up to the sky right along to all 13 of these handcrafted pop punk gems! Songs about cutting your testicles with an exacto knife? Check! Songs about No pants golfing? Check! Two finger power chords and drums that go SMASH SMASH?!? CHECK FUCKIN YEAH, BRO! Buy it now and tell all your friends!

1 - Welcome To The Record II: Electric Boogaloo
2 - My Name Is Kenny Rogers
2 - Justine
4 - I Just Want To Sleep On The Treehouse
5 - Grant Lawrence, King Of Forest
5- (I Don't Want To Play) Tiger Woods (With You)
7 - Dirty Kelly Gruber

1 - I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement Either
2 . I Bred This Beard For Slaughter
3 - Live Free And Die Hard
4 - I'm a Hulkamaniac!
5 - Pebbles, The Happiest Chihuahua
6 - Holy Fuck, I'm a Dad!
7 - You're My best Friend In The Whole Wide World

1st run limited to 400 copies, 100 on black wax, 100 on clear yellow, 100 on clear orange and 100 on clear blue (band exclusive edition available here only till the end of december 2013)!