Lexicon Devils S/T 7" - OUT NOW!


The Lexicon Devils are a nervous trio hailing from Rome. They play fast and explosive old school hardcore punk contaminated with a touch of raw garage-rock n roll. Their main influences are Regulations, La Piovra, Zero Boys, Brown Sugar, Circle Jerks, Agent Orange, Formaldehyde Junkies, Brutal Knights, Indigesti, NBT and more.. This debut ep, produced and mixed by Lorenzo Moretti (Taxi & Giuda), is shocking, a real punch in your face. Turn up the volume full blast and enjoy! It’s 50% rage, 50% fun!

A1 - High Blood Pressure Damage
A2 - Regicide
B1 - Intolerant Guy
B2 - Come On Over

The 1st press of the record is limited to 300 copies including 40 on WHITE vinyl!

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