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Sister Suzie "Don't Want To" 7"!!!


Three fresh tracks from Edmonton's SISTER SUZIE! Delivered to you piping hot from Reta Records (CA) and Surfin' Ki Records.
"Don't Want To" is a slow bluesy Bovver rock croon about why you're better off getting that diploma from the school of hard knocks than any ivy league academy.
The B-Side delivers two slammin' tracks; Short, and fast, and to the point, "Claws" is a punk/ rock 'n roll french manicure slashed across your face. Deal. With. It. You'll forget all about your fresh wounds while submitting to the groove and guitar lines of "Are You Gonna (Give Me a Kiss)", with style and charm that would make Marc Bolan proud.

Available on 3 different kinds of coloured vinyl, each with a matching coloured artwork!